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Our bodyshop in Rayleigh is home to some of the most innovative equipment in our trade and that’s just one of the reasons why motorists in the nearby Southend area treat us as their preferred choice for accident repairs and crash repairs. The materials we use are innovative too, and this page explains why they are so important in relation to the work that we do not just for customers in Southend, but also for those across the Essex area.

Body Alignment Systems

Also referred to as ‘jigs’, body alignment systems provide a seat for vehicles after they have suffered major collision damage. Impact misaligns the chassis and the panels, and the jig acts as a base for your car so our technicians can realign everything to manufacturer specifications. Pulling equipment, known as ‘dozers’, help our technicians to perform accident repairs and crash repairs for customers in the Southend and Essex areas.

Working to measurements on technical data sheets, body alignment systems help us to bring key chassis and bodywork points inside set manufacturer tolerances. It takes immense skill not to overstretch the metal and to ensure critical alignment points are correct.

Low-Bake Ovens

Every reputable bodyshop in or around the Southend area has a low-bake oven. This important installation houses vehicles during the refinishing process and helps us to achieve several different things when undertaking accident repairs and crash repairs. Our own low-bake oven is big enough to accommodate passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

The low-bake oven offers the following benefits:

In an age where the paint materials used in accident repairs and crash repairs are so technologically advanced, they should never be applied outside of a low-bake oven.

Water-Based Paints

Water-based (or waterborne) paints lower the release of harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions because our technicians thin them with a safe additive instead of solvents. COSHH regulations govern the world of modern accident repairs and crash repairs. Repairers in the Rayleigh, Southend and Essex areas, as well as those throughout the UK and worldwide, have an obligation to use water-based paints when refinishing a vehicle.

Benefits of water-based paints include:

  • Less elevated concentration of toxicity in the surrounding environment
  • Healthier for paint sprayers to use because of reduced isocyanate levels
  • Release of safer products in the repair sector to support water-based paints
  • Lower quantity of clear coat needed because of superior paint hues

To discuss accident andcrash repairs with the team at our Rayleigh workshop, motorists in Southend can call us on 01268 782674.

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