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Did you know that you don’t have to use the bodyshop recommended by your insurance company for accident repairs or crash repairs? Vehicle owners in Rochford have the right to use their own preferred repairer and, because RPC Accident Repair Centre is located just six miles away in Rayleigh, we like to think we’re a convenient choice as well as a sensible one.Indeed, our company welcomes new and existing customers from all parts of Essex.

We think it’s important for Rochford motorists to know exactly who’ll be performing accident repairs and crash repairs on their vehicles. While it’s relatively easy to check the credentials of our company, it isn’t always possible to find out everything about the technicians we employ and what it is that they do.

This page provides an insight into the professionals working for our company.

Strippers and Fitters

Before we can start working on accident repairs and crash repairs, damaged trim and any fixtures which could obstruct our panel beaters or sprayers have to be removed. In some cases, especially where we only have to repair a single panel, we may remove it from your car to cut down on preparation and masking time. Our stripper and fitters fulfil this role.

Once we finish accident repairs and crash repairs, the same person who stripped the vehicle of one of our Rochford customers puts everything back together. This ensures we never make mistakes with parts another employee might be unfamiliar with. Our strippers and fitters are also responsible for replacing damaged trim with newly-purchased parts.

Panel Beaters

Most people know that panel beaters perform accident repairs but not many know exactly what it is that they do. The truth is that their work varies greatly. On major crash repairs where impact is severe, our panel beaters will put the car on a jig and align key chassis and bodywork points in compliance with technical data supplied by the manufacturer.

Motorists in Rochford should also know that panel beaters perform full panel replacements or, if the damage is less severe, they undertake accident repairs using tools such as dollies and flips to restore the shape of the metal. Panel beating is a traditional skill but advanced trade technology means our own team has to be more competent than ever before.

Preppers and Sprayers

As soon as the panel beaters have completed their stage of the crash repairs process, our preppers get to work. The preppers ‘make good’ the area surrounding the repair and prime the panel. After leaving the primer to cure, our personnel ‘flat’ the surface and key the surrounding panels to allow for blending. Next, our team masks the vehicles of our Rochford customers to reduce the potential for overspray and moves them into a low-bake oven.

Our sprayers use low-bake ovens to apply water-based paints and protective lacquers. Low-bake ovens are often referred to as spray booths because they regulate air temperatures and extract overspray during the painting process. We bake accident repairs and crash repairs at temperatures recommended by the paint manufacturer for a perfect finish.

Like all good bodyshops covering the Rochford area, we cut and polish repaired panels to remove minor imperfections. RPC Accident Repair Centre even cleans and valets your vehicle so that we hand it back over to you in the best possible condition it can be in.

To discuss accident and crash repairs with the team at our Rayleigh workshop, motorists in Rochford can call us on 01268 782674.

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RPC Accident Repair Centre provides a complete range of professional services for motorists across the entire Essex area. We have more than 25 years of trade and industry experience in the field of crash repairs and car body repairs, and our company has an unrivalled customer service record where we achieve high satisfaction rates.